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Rated Water Production Capacity
Working Conditions for rated capacity
25 - 32c & 70 -75% RH
Actual Size (H x W x D)
119 x 80 x 74
Size with packing (H x W x D)
132 x 87 x 87
Nett Weight in KGS
Gross Weight in KGS
Power Consumption with Chiller
Power Supply
230V 50Hz Single Phase
Refrigerant for main compressor
R 22
Bottom Tank Capacity
Noise Level in dB
UV in nos
Air Flow Rate (cfm)
Other Filter Details
3 Water Filters
Generator Capacity

Your product is installed and delivered by trained Aqua Air technicians.

The product is self performing and requires minimal maintenance.

For years, many wars have been fought over oil, but we now have a new crisis on our hands - the lack of safe drinking water, people are dying every minute due to the lack of drinking water. Of all the water that covers the globe approximately 0.5% is available for human consumption.


A patented proprietary product known as the Watermaker delivers and produces healthy, purified drinking water from the atmospheric air we breathe.

It completes nature’s distillation process, by capturing water vapour before it even touches the earth. It provides a localised source or pure water without any connection to pipes or catch basins. All that is requires is electricity or alternate sources of energy to condense, collect, filter and dispense crystal clear drinking water.

How Does The Watermaker Work

The atmosphere holds allot of moisture which is free for the taking. Watermaker uses refrigeration techniques to condense this humidity  from air.  Air is sucked into the system through an electro static filter.


Cooled coiled located in the path of air provided a temperature differential between the air and the coil surface resulting in condensation  which is funnelled into a holding tank which has a level switch controlling the water making cycle. Water is then  passed through various  filters to remove

solids, oxygenates, and to remove any odour & to eliminate any bacterial content.  Pure drinking hot and cold water is then  supplied through the dispense tap.


What is the life span


If the machine is used as designed and as specified in the owners manual and proper maintenance procedures are employs then the  unit  will operate well over 15 years


How will it operate in areas with no humidity


Low humidity condition are a challenge for any system that extracts moisture from the air.The system will not produce water during  the day  in the desert or in very hot climates due to less humidity.


Maintenance / Warranty


The only required maintenance is the cleaning of the air filters (preferably monthly) and water storage tank (quarterly) The carbon  filters  needs to be changed every six months and  the UV filter life is approx. 18 months Machines come with a repairable warranty for 12 Month from date of purchase